Mega Balloon Screensaver

Mega Balloon Screensaver

An animated screensaver featuring a desert landscape with a giant balloon

Whether you have flown in a balloon or not, this screensaver may have much to show you. It features a beautiful photograph of a desert landscape with a giant balloon in the background. The entire scenery reflects on the surface of a small lake, which features a good animated effect simulating the ripple caused by the passing wind.

The screensaver would benefit from some sound effects, but in lack of these, you can create a playlist with your favorite soungs, which will play along with the screensaver. Also, the control panel allows you to change some settings, like the speed and quality of the animation, and to show or hide the clock.

Still, apart from all these advantages, the program has a drawback. When installing it, you are also forced to install the ArtGameStudio toolbar and change the startup page in your browser in order to complete the installation. You can uninstall the toolbar and undo the change anytime, but this can be annoying. Nevertheless, it is a good screensaver, despite these inconveniences.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Free
  • Good animated effect


  • The installation wizard forces users to install a toolbar and changes their browser's homepage
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